At Colby & Thornes, PLLC, we strive to efficiently and effectively assist you in achieving your estate planning goals with dedicated, personal and skilled legal representation.  Our personalized approach is to work closely with you in finding a tax-efficient way to achieve your goals for estate planning and wealth transfer.  We listen to you.  We strive to ensure that your personal goals, concerns, and unique family circumstances are reflected in your estate plan in a thoughtful and effective manner.

We work directly with your wealth advisors and accountants to provide tax and planning advice and to create an estate plan that achieves each client’s unique estate planning goals while minimizing taxes and the time and expense of estate administration.  We also work to make sure that the inheritances you leave your children and loved ones take full advantage of Arizona law to ensure that the legacy you leave your children and heirs is protected from divorce and creditors that may threaten the inheritance you leave them.